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At Roman Roofing, we understand the importance of finding a roofing material that fits your budget while also providing long-term reliability and performance. That’s why GAF stands out as an industry leader when it comes to roofing materials: they offer quality you can trust at every price point.

From tile to metal roofing and shingle options, GAF has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an economical solution or a high-end finish, GAF offers durable products that are sure to stand the test of time.

Why Roman Chooses GAF?

When it comes to choosing your roof, quality is key – but so is value. With GAF, you get both: superior quality backed by decades of experience in the construction industry and a range of prices that make it easy to find something that fits within your budget. Additionally, all of their products come with excellent warranties which provide peace-of-mind should any issues arise with installation or maintenance down the line.

What Types Of Roofs Can I Get From GAF?

Whether you need a traditional asphalt shingle look or want a more modern metal or tile option, GAF has got you covered! Their selection includes everything from basic three-tab shingle designs up through high end designer options such as premium architectural shingles and decorative slate tiles – giving homeowners plenty of choices when selecting their perfect roof covering material!

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A GAF Roof?

Gaf roofs offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they are built from top grade materials that have been tested against extreme weather conditions like hail storms and high winds so you know your home will be safe no matter what nature throws its way! They also feature advanced technology such as StainGuard® protection which helps keep algae growth away while also making clean up easier if dirt does accumulate over time. Lastly, because each product carries its own warranty (up to 50 years) there is no need to worry about costly repairs in case something goes wrong during installation or use later on down the line!

The Master Elite Golden Pledge

Roman Roofing is Master Elite certified, a rare commendation that only 2% of roofing companies have earned, and are able to earn at any given point in time. With this Master Elite status, and the use of GAF top quality products, Roman Roofing is able to offer the, “Golden Pledge.” This pledge brings with it the benefit of a 25 year guarantee on the projects completed by those few Master Elites. More than just a name, the Golden Pledge is a promise that, not only will your job be done by the very best, it will be tended to by the very best for the duration of the guarantee.

Materials You Can Trust

Choosing new roof covering material can be overwhelming – especially when considering factors such as cost versus longevity & durability – but luckily there’s one name homeowners can count on:GAF. At Roman Roofing we believe strongly in using only top brands like this one because we care about providing our customers with long lasting solutions they can rely on year after year & Decade after decade! We know how important it is not just having great looking results now but also getting results that last – which is why choosing a product from gaf always makes sense both financially & aesthetically!

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